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Leverage technology to demonstrate course concepts, achieve an engaged classroom and save time using the most innovative digital teaching tools in the world: Statecraft Simulations for International Relations, American Government & U.S. Foreign Policy courses.

Statecraft Simulations are used in over 300 Universities and 15 Countries

Statecraft does a great job in showing students how IR theories really work. It allowed my students to better understand abstract concepts and theories and apply them in the simulation. I would strongly recommend Statecraft to anyone teaching International Relations."

- Dr. Pedro dos Santos, Assistant Professor of Political Science Luther College

Statecraft Users consistently praise our Online Simulations as innovative digital teaching tools to engage students and make classes more effective and exciting.

Uplevel Your Course

  • Engage students who are digital natives

  • Active learning allows students to absorb abstract theoretical course concepts

  • Game-like features incite fun and spark creativity

  • Students learn real-life applicable skills like leadership, negotiation and strategic thinking that help them be more employable

  • Working in teams on common goals fosters student collaboration and relationship building even in large lecture classes


Easy Set-up & Time-saving Teacher Tools

Sim setup process is simple and painless. Take less than 3 minutes to set up your sim, assign it to your students, and let it run!

Set up Simulation

Give Code to Students

Let it Run!

  • Sims are easily adaptable for small intimate classes under 20 students or large lecture classes up to 600 students

  • Take advantage of time-saving automation and grading tools

  • Personalization features allow you to customize the Sim for your class

  • You're supported at every step: we offer 7-day customer support 7am to 11pm

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