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Does the simulation match my course requirements?

The Intro to American Government Simulation is designed to be paired with any Government textbook and is updated and designed to cover the Advanced Placement Curriculum (2018-2019) 

How do I schedule the simulation each week?

Simulations are split into 4 quarters or "Periods" for students to make major choices that impact sim points and outcomes. Each period is live 24/7 for students to make choices outside of class on their own time, although we do recommend that you use at least 30 minutes of class time solely for student face to face interaction. You can run the sim within 2 weeks (2 periods per week) up to 6 weeks (.5 to 1 period per week). You can expect students to spend 2 to 3 hours of work per period utilizing their character abilities, making major choices, interacting, and negotiating with one another.

Partial Class Time

  • Runs in background of class​ (4+ weeks)

  • Short class meetings scheduled for students to discuss simulation events.

  • Students complete coursework and readings while simultaneously participating in the sim

  • 1 or less Sim Period Per Week

Full Class Time

  • Main Focus of the Course (2+ weeks)

  • Full class sessions devoted to student meetings that coincide with sim periods

  • It is recommended that students have no other coursework or readings during this time.

  • 2+ Sim Periods Per Week

American Government Simulation

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