Get Started with Statecraft for Intro to political science

Integrate Statecraft into your Intro to Political Science Course
Step-by-Step Guide to Enhance Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

Welcome to Statecraft! Our Intro to Political Science Simulation offers an immersive experience that brings global politics to life. Follow these simple steps to add Statecraft to your syllabus and get started.

Step 1: Register and Create Your Simulation

Section Title: Simulation Setup

  • Instructions:
    • Registration:
      • Visit the Statecraft website and click on ‘Login’ and select Gov’
      • Click Professor Account and, if you have not registered yet, click Not Registered and Follow the Steps
      • click on ‘Login’ and select IR’
    • Create Simulation:
      • Log in to your Gov and Click ‘Create New Sim Course’ and “Gov Lite”
      • Follow the prompts to customize your simulation settings (e.g., number of students).
      • Log in to your IR account and click to set up an IR Lite Simulation
    • Email Support: The Intro to Political Science Bundle requires support to connect your simulations, so make sure to email us for a quick response. 
    • Invite Students:
      • During the simulation setup process you will be asked to create a simulation code. You will issue this code to your students and have them sign up at before the sim start date you selected.

Step 2: Prepare for the Simulation

Section Title: Instructor Preparation

  • Instructions:
    • Familiarize Yourself:
      • Explore the instructor resources section for detailed guides and tutorials.
    • Plan Your Lessons:
      • Integrate the simulation into your lesson plans. Schedule debrief discussions.

Step 3: Launch and Monitor the Simulation

Section Title: Launch and Monitor

  • Instructions:
    • Launch Day:
      • Ensure all students have joined the simulation.
      • Kick off the simulation with an introductory session explaining the objectives and rules.
    • Monitor Progress:
      • Check the simulation dashboard weekly to monitor student engagement and progress.
      • Provide feedback and support as needed.

Step 4: Debrief and Assess

Section Title: Debrief and Assess”

  • Instructions:
    • Debrief Session:
      • Conduct a guided debrief session after your simulation has ended.
    • Assign Grades:
      • Statecraft automatically evaluates student performance based on participation, decision-making, and weekly reflection memos.
      • Assign grades according to the criteria outlined in the syllabus.

Resources and Support

Section Title: Resources and Support


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