Your students become the world leaders and must tackle complex transnational issues through international organizations in an engaging, addictive simulation.

Launch the Interactive Tour to
see the sim interface in action
and learn how gameplay works.

Launch the Interactive Tour to see the sim in action and learn how gameplay works.

Statecraft Simulations are used in 15 countries at over 475 universities

Students become world leaders

When you launch Statecraft IO, the whole class is transported to an engaging online world where students are grouped into countries and take on the roles of world leaders. The objective of the game is to gather as many points as possible and cultivate a thriving, prosperous country in a peaceful world!

Students both collaborate and compete to execute their country strategy, achieve the simulation goals and resolve critical global situations. As they attempt world negotiation students will experience first-hand the challenges of trying to work through an organization such as the U.N. to reach consensus and enforce decisions made. How can they properly care for their citizens while concurrently navigating global chaos?


To gather points students can pursue a myriad of strategies: from avoiding conflict for domestic wellbeing to cautiously collaborative strategies that maximize economic synergies while carefully checking other countries' imperial motives. It is possible that every country could get a perfect score and all thrive; however (just like in the real world) that rarely happens.


Each turn students try to achieve three types of goals: (1) Cooperative Global Goals that are shared with the entire world such as ending world hunger; (2) Competitive Country Goals for excelling in a certain area such as “Most Environmentally Friendly” or “Safest” and finally (3) Country Development Goals based on domestic factors such as citizens' health, welfare, environment, safety and education. (4) Secret Goals only their country knows about which may cause them to act in ways that create challenges to collaborate and build international consensus.

Domestic Factors

Every turn countries will produce resources students must decide how to invest; they’ll bump up against the classic “guns vs. butter” conundrum. They’ll also get a Quality of Life score that equates to points for their citizens' health, welfare, environment, safety and education. Unhappy citizens riot! Unhealthy citizens die of famine!

International Factors

There are pirates terrorizing the world! Ice Mountain is melting and threatening to flood the entire globe! Should they participate in the U.N.? Can students come to an agreement on nuclear missiles and technology? Can the IAEA actually enforce the treaty? Both simulation events and classmates create drama and excitement and demonstrate how intertwined a world truly is.

Statecraft creates situations where students are experiencing course concepts on a personal level. They’ll have questions about things like international law, transparency, credible commitment and enforceability in the simulation that can become prime teachable moments.

Regardless of their world ranking every student will grapple first-hand with the complex mix of international and domestic pressures that world leaders face, finishing with a much deeper understanding of International Organizations.

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Demonstrate Course Concepts

Students experience important IO concepts such as security dilemmas and collective action problems first-hand and personally feel how complicated leadership truly is. In order to succeed in the simulation, they’ll have to apply course-related knowledge. 

Engaged students playing Statecraft Simulations

Engage Students

Game-like play sucks students into the simulations where they must take ownership of their learning experience. They’re empowered to excel to their own personal limits and shine. Engagement enhances the knowledge acquisition process and makes it fun!

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Save Time

The simulation is easy to set up and runs itself. You have a new tool to draw connections to course concepts and spark dynamic conversations. All-unique simulation scenarios every semester promote academic honesty. Instructor tools do tasks like grading for you. 

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Easily create an unforgettable, dynamic online class

This is a great choice for you if you’ve recently moved a class online and need an easy, effective way to spark student interest, create engagement and foster participation. It’s also a great choice if you’re unsure of what your class format will be next semester: these simulations will easily transition with you whether your class is 100% online, in-person or a blend. 

Experience Statecraft Today

Student map interface

The Statecraft World Map is where all of the action happens! Students can log in via a desktop computer or a mobile device. The map illustrates the geographical layout of the world showing resource centers, deserts and mountains as well as the climate situation. The colored lines delineate territory zones belonging to each country. The icons mark cities, military units, landmarks and terrorist occupations. Once a student spies on a foreign country those cities and military units will also be exposed. Clicking on the icons reveals more information and there’s a detailed legend key to offer extra map guidance. 

In the nav bars at the top students can access all of the critical information for their world as well as look at their intelligence data for other countries. They’ll be able to access their Diplomacy, Military, Intelligence, Domestic and Research activities as well as manage their Resources. 


International Organizations & Military


Statecraft IR World Map on a Mobile Phone



Resources Bar

Time-Saving Instructor Tools

Foreign Policy Attitude Test

Student Assignments

Statecraft automatically assigns students to roles based on a brief attitude test  designed for optimum role fit and student collaboration during the initial signup process.

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Automated Student Prompting, Feedback & Calculations

Professors report an average of 13% time savings by using simulation tools that automatically prompt students, issue feedback, and guide outcomes.

Automated Grading in Statecraft IR

Automated Grading

The Statecraft system tracks all choices and outcomes and automatically reports final grades to the instructor in an excel exportable format for your convenience. 

how it works

Easy Set-up & Launch

Statecraft IR Sim Sign Up Screen
Statecraft Students

Playing the Simulation

The Instructor's Role

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Conclusion & Grading

If you’re looking for even more detailed information, see the Resources page for the instructor manual, sample syllabus and other helpful documentation. 

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Course concepts covered

The multidimensional International Organizations Simulation program covers all major IO course concepts. Using the simulation creates new opportunities to demonstrate how course concepts come to life. Students are experiencing lessons first-hand so they’re more engaged and develop personal opinions about what they’re learning. Instructors report being able to have more productive lessons and more interesting conversations with students. 

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International Non-Governmental Organizations

Two Level Games

International Governmental Organizations

Feminist Theory

Human Rights


International Law/Norms


The Politics of the Global Environment


Development Disparity

Reasons the Statecraft IO Simulation is so effective:

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Results you’ll experience:

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Statecraft Simulations are used in 15 countries at over 475 universities

Statecraft Project LeaderMaker

As a company, we are passionate about student success! Our mission is to engage students in social science topics in a way that ignites their curiosity, excitement for learning, and social skills regardless of their learning styles or socio-economic disadvantages. In the spirit of this mission, we founded the Statecraft Project LeaderMaker, which donates simulation accounts to low-income high schools. 

How it works:

The number of accounts donated is determined by evaluating school’s free lunch percentage and unique budget constraints. Contact Joe at [email protected] to learn more about the program. 

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