MUN Digital Assistant

This is the ultimate Model United Nations (MUN) instructor tool: it frees you from admin tasks and guides students, saving you massive amounts of time.

Launch the Interactive Tour to
see the sim interface in action
and learn how gameplay works.

Launch the Interactive Tour to see the sim in action and learn how gameplay works.

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Your Ultimate MUN Companion

MUN programs are absolutely amazing for student growth but they can be a lot of work for instructors; for some of you it’s an “add on” to an already-full schedule. In support of MUN programs thriving, we created this comprehensive MUN assistant that digitizes all of the key research, writing and debate prep activities with detailed student guides, prompts and task automation.

Automates Admin Tasks:

Each week the MUN Digital Assistant moves the students to the next step: position papers to working papers to drafts to resolutions. Everything is prompted by the system so you're relieved of process and timeline questions! Students will use it to vote, then the system automatically counts votes, offering them quick results. It also houses all documentation in a central location ensuring everything is easy to find and making team collaboration easy.

Research Guides:

It's imperative for success that students have deeply researched their country, the history of their debate topic and have formulated their own position they'll be presenting for the conference. The MUN Digital Assistant offers research guidance to help students fully immerse themselves on their topic so they guidance don't miss any key materials or critical angles.

Paper-Writing Guides:

We virtually hold student hands as they write their debate opus! The assistant includes detailed guides for position papers and working papers as well as how to draft successful resolutions and amendments. These guides assure your students will have a template to follow, examples to reference and lists of the absolute "musts" they need to include in thorough papers. Since they're equipped with all the basic how-to's so you can focus on helping them truly fine-tune their writing for real success!

Oratory Practice:

Students receive foundational speaking, debate and networking guidance. At each step of the way the MUN Digital Assistant prompts students to engage in networking activities to gain support for their papers, drafts or resolutions. They'll receive key strategy needed for conference success like coalition building with other countries. They'll also get tips on prepping and practicing their Opening Speech so they're ready to confidently and eloquently present their position.

The MUN Digital Assistant platform even offers students a confidential place to digitally collaborate: They can even stealthily send each other covert messages in the middle of a debate. There is both a chat feature and a messaging system. Everything is located in a central location and easy to find! 

Our goal is to facilitate and support your incredibly successful MUN program and winning team! With the purchase of the MUN Digital Assistant you get TWO four-week run-throughs on the topics of your choice, which means a full eight weeks of automated MUN practice for your students. That frees you up to focus on training your future model citizens to be the most persuasive, knowledgeable and eloquent orators in the room. We root for every program to make it all the way to the NMUN conferences each year!

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Time-Saving Instructor Tools

Organize Papers

Organizing Papers​

Instead of students handing you papers or emailing them to you, they simply upload them to the MUN Digital Assistant. All the other countries can see what has been published and are able to easily review, collaborate, comment and cast votes. The system keeps everything organized, transparent and clear.

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Prompting Students

Each week students are working towards a goal: position papers to  working papers to drafts to resolutions. The MUN Digital Assistant prompts them at every step along the way offering tips and guides. They always know what they need to be working on and then they’re automatically moved to the next stage in the process.

MUN Votes

Counting Votes

Each week students cast votes for position papers, drafts and finally resolutions. The MUN Digital Assistant prompts students to vote, then automatically tallies results for you and tells the class which countries continue on in the process, and, finally,  which resolutions actually pass! Cue the hi-fives 🙂

how it works

Easy Set-up & Launch

Statecraft MUN Digital Assistant Interface
Student Working Hard

Weeks 1 & 2:
Position Paper to Working Paper

Weeks 3 & 4:
Drafts to Resolutions

International Organizations Fourth EditionInternational OrganizationInternational Organizations Principles and Issues 7th Edition
International Organizations Fourth EditionInternational OrganizationInternational Organizations Principles and Issues 7th Edition

The Instructor's Role

If you’re looking for even more detailed information, see the Resources page for the class success tips and talking points for all experience levels. 

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Reasons the MUN Digital Assistant is so helpful:​

MUN Digital Assistant Phone Screen

Student phone interface shows options to invite countries to collaborate on a working paper or resolution 

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Statecraft Project LeaderMaker

As a company, we are passionate about student success! Our mission is to engage students in social science topics in a way that ignites their curiosity, excitement for learning, and social skills regardless of their learning styles or socio-economic disadvantages. In the spirit of this mission, we founded the Statecraft Project LeaderMaker, which donates simulation accounts to low-income high schools. 

How it works:

The number of accounts donated is determined by evaluating school’s free lunch percentage and unique budget constraints. Contact Joe at [email protected] to learn more about the program. 

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