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Take a moment to view testimonials and multiple publications covering topics such as Statecraft pedagogy and the simulation's impact on students' political perspectives, strategic thinking, and academic honesty.

Dr. Jason Enia

Associate Professor Sam Houston State University

"Statecraft allows students to experience first-hand the complex mix of international and domestic pressures that states face in the international system. I've seen my students benefit greatly from playing the game, as they emerge with a much more sophisticated understanding of course concepts. It's one of the best simulations I've found."

Dr. Mai'a Cross

Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs - Northeastern University

I used Statecraft in my large (150 person) Introduction to International Relations, and the simulation was a great hit with my students.  It allowed them to apply the concepts that we were learning in class to their on-line Statecraft world and to grapple with the difficult decisions foreign policy leaders face on a daily basis.  Students came away from the experience not only with an enriched understanding of international conflict and cooperation, but also with a better grasp of the nexus between domestic and international politics. More than anything, participating in Statecraft made students think critically about their own prior beliefs about international politics. It was also fun!  The students got to meet one-another (a daunting task in a room of 149 other first year students), and I frequently spotted students playing Statecraft all around campus.  I’m looking forward to using Statecraft again!.

Dr. Karl DeRouen

Professor and Director of International Studies Program - University of Alabama

"I use Statecraft to cover the cornerstone IR theories and paradigms. From my experience the simulation helps the students further absorb the theoretical material which otherwise might be overly abstract."

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