U.S. Foreign POlicy

Students interact through a multiplayer sim experience with their classmates taking on roles in the White House, Media, Intelligence Community, Interest Groups, State Department, Congress, and the Pentagon. Each Sim can run for 2 to 6 weeks based on your preferred settings and covers dozens of course topics while focusing on:

  • Congress vs. the President in Foreign Policy

  • Civil Rights and Ethics in regards to Terrorism

  • Political Parties and Foreign Policy

  • Bureaucratic Politics 

  • Political Parties and Ideologies in Foreign Policy

  • Institutional Checks and Balances and Judicial Review

What concepts does the U.S. Foreign Policy Sim cover?

Constitutional Powers of the President Vs. Congress in Foreign Policy

Relationship Between Media and Government

War Powers Resolution

Preemption and Preventitive War

Challenges and Politics of Intelligence Analysis

Civil-Military Relations

Ethics and Civil Rights in Counter-Terrorism

What is my role as the instructor?

Statecraft is fully automated which means that all you'll need to do is observe the class and draw connections to course concepts. Sim events, student choices, grading, and even student team assignment are all automatically managed by the Statecraft System.

Monitor Sim Events and Major Country Choices

Draw Connections to Course Concepts

Gradepoints Automatically Calculated and Excel Exportable

How much work does it take on my part?

Avg. 13.03% Time Savings

As Per Statecraft Instructor Surveys In 2017

Because of the Statecraft System's automated nature, instructors actually had a net savings of course prep time in 2017

How does it work?

Your simulation will be split into decision making "Periods" where by students have a deadline within which to make difficult decisions, negotiate with each other, and utilize the special abilities that come with their roles.

What if my students or I need help?

(4.73 / 5) Support Satisfaction

As Per Statecraft Instructor Surveys In 2017

Feel free to reach out to our outstanding customer support team at help@statecraftsims.com. Support is 7 days a week with available live support sessions along with a smart help system that guides you and your students through the answers to your questions

How many students can participate?

Whether you have less than 20 students or more than 600,  the Statecraft System will expand or contract your simulation size to fit your class with the best student to position assignments. If you have a larger class, the system will recommend using multiple duplicate simulations for the best student learning experience.

American Government Simulation

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