International Relations Simulation
Internationa Security Simulation
International Organizations Simulation
Model United Nation Simulation

International Relations

Students take part in self running, team based simulations that immerse them in IR concepts for 5 - 15 weeks of the semester with dozens of options including military action, intelligence operations, politics, trade, country building, and diplomacy. Statecraft assigns students to teams automatically at the start of your simulation through our Foreign Policy Attitude Test  that groups students into country teams based on decision making chemistry.

​Simulations cover over 50 IR concepts in:

  • International Security

  • International Political Economy

  • Human Security

  • Political Theory

  • International Organizations

International Security Simulation
International Security

The International Security sim focuses primarily on security based concepts such as Anarchy, The Security Dilemma, Problems of Credible Commitment, Deterrence, Collective Security, Mutually Assured Destruction, Just War Theory, Terrorism, Nationalism, Genocide, Despots, Torture, and Human Rights. Run your Security sim for 5 to 15 Weeks of the semester (Depending on your settings)

Internationa Organizations Simulation
International Organizations

Created by Dr. Jason Enia and Dr. Jonathan Keller, the International Organizations sim focuses primarily on collective based concepts such as International Non-Government Organizations, International Government Organizations, Human Rights, International Law/Norms, The Politics of Global Environment, Two Level Games, Feminist Theory, Marxism, Globalization, Interdependence, Development Disparity

Model United Nations Simulation
Model United Nations

Created by Professor Cox at Texas Christian University and Dr. Jonathan Keller at James Madison University. The MUN sims are essentially “Model UN in a Can” and are designed to help prepare students for upcoming MUN competitions with the system providing guidance and organizing position papers, working papers, and resolutions while regulating and counting votes automatically.

American Government Simulation

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