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Statecraft International Relations offers an immersive, student-driven simulation that dynamically adapts based on student decisions, effectively illustrating over 50 core course concepts. In this simulation, students take the helm, determining their nation’s governmental structure, economic policies, and political systems while navigating through global challenges such as humanitarian crises, terrorism, environmental issues, and security dilemmas. Each week, participants engage in critical decision-making concerning international trade, economics, human and national security, shaping their world in real-time through their actions. This interactive platform not only enhances learning by providing a practical application of theoretical concepts but also significantly reduces instructors’ workload by an average of 13%.

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Student map interface

The Statecraft World Map  serves as an interactive simulation where students dive into the intricacies of global diplomacy and strategy. Accessible via desktop or mobile devices, this map brings to life the geographical intricacies of the simulated world, showcasing resource centers, deserts, mountains, and the prevailing climate conditions. Colored lines outline the territorial boundaries of each country, while icons indicate the locations of cities, military units, landmarks, and areas under terrorist control. As students engage in espionage against foreign nations, these icons reveal hidden details, offering a deeper understanding of the geopolitical landscape.

By exploring the nav bars situated at the top of the interface, participants gain comprehensive access to vital information shaping their virtual world. This includes intelligence data on other countries, enabling students to strategize their next moves in the realms of Diplomacy, Military operations, Intelligence gathering, Domestic policies, and Research development. Additionally, they can efficiently manage their Resources, ensuring their nation thrives in this dynamic simulation. The detailed legend key further aids navigation, making the Statecraft World Map an essential tool for mastering the complexities of International Relations.




International Relations Simulation Online



Resources Bar


To gather points students can pursue a myriad of strategies: from avoiding conflict for domestic wellbeing to cautiously collaborative strategies that maximize economic synergies while carefully checking other countries' imperial motives. It is possible that every country could get a perfect score and all thrive; however (just like in the real world) that rarely happens.


Each turn students try to achieve three types of goals: (1) Cooperative Global Goals that are shared with the entire world such as ending world hunger; (2) Competitive Country Goals for excelling in a certain area such as “Most Environmentally Friendly” or “Safest” and finally (3) Country Development Goals based on domestic factors such as citizens' health, welfare, environment, safety and education.

Domestic Factors

Every turn countries will produce resources students must decide how to invest; they’ll bump up against the classic “guns vs. butter” conundrum. They’ll also get a Quality of Life score that equates to points for their citizens' health, welfare, environment, safety and education. Unhappy citizens engage in costly strikes and demonstrations! Unhealthy citizens die of famine!

International Factors

There are pirates terrorizing the world! Ice Mountain is melting and threatening to flood the entire globe! Should they participate in the U.N.? What about that crazy country over there trying to build a nuclear weapon? Both simulation events and classmates create drama and excitement and demonstrate how intertwined the world truly is.

Statecraft IR, works great with “Essentials of International Relations” and any Introduction to International Relations Online Textbook, crafts scenarios where students don’t just learn about course concepts; they live them. This immersive simulation compels students to apply the critical lessons from their International Relations curriculum to navigate complex global issues successfully. As participants encounter real-world challenges such as the security dilemma or the collective action problem within the simulation, they’re met with prime teachable moments that enhance their understanding and engagement with the material.

Statecraft IR is designed to revolutionize your classroom into an immersive, memorable learning adventure, enriching both your teaching experience and your students’ academic journey. Through this dynamic platform, you’re not just teaching about global affairs; you’re providing a firsthand experience of the intricacies and nuances of International Relations, making abstract concepts tangible and understandable. This unique approach ensures that both you and your students will find the learning process as enjoyable as it is educational, cementing key principles of International Relations in a practical, engaging manner.

The Statecraft IR Simulation is a great addition to an Introduction to International Relations Course and covers over 50 topics along with the essentials of International Relations Online textbooks.

Course concepts covered

The multidimensional International Relations Simulation program, a core component of the Essentials of International Relations Edition and Introduction to International Relations Online Textbooks, intricately covers over 50 course concepts within major IR sub-categories. Engaging with this simulation opens up unprecedented opportunities to illustrate the dynamic application of theoretical knowledge, bringing to life the rich tapestry of global affairs. Students don’t just learn about International Relations; they experience its complexities and challenges firsthand, enhancing their engagement and fostering the development of personal insights into global issues.

Instructors integrating this simulation into their curriculum report significant enhancements in teaching efficacy, noting the ability to conduct more productive lessons and engage in more meaningful conversations with students. By providing a vivid, interactive backdrop for exploring International Relations, the simulation facilitates a deeper understanding of key concepts, making abstract theories tangible and relatable. This immersive approach not only captivates students’ interest but also encourages them to critically analyze and discuss the real-world implications of the course material, enriching the educational experience for both students and educators alike.

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Global Environmental Politics

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International Political Economy

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International Security


Theoretical Perspectives

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Understanding the Political World Textbook

Demonstrate Course Concepts

Students experience Introduction to International Relations essentials and 50+ concepts such as the security dilemma and the collective action problem first-hand and personally feel how complicated foreign policy and country management truly is. In order to succeed in the simulation, they’ll have to apply course-related knowledge.

Understanding the Political World Textbook


Game-like play sucks students into the simulations where they must take ownership of their learning experience. They’re empowered to excel to their own personal limits and shine. Engagement enhances the knowledge acquisition process and makes it fun!

Understanding the Political World Textbook

Save Time

The simulation is easy to set up and runs itself. You have a new tool to draw connections to course concepts and spark dynamic conversations. All-unique simulation scenarios every semester promote academic honesty. Instructor tools do tasks like grading for you and the simulation fits seamlessly with any Introduction to International Relations Online Textbook.

The Statecraft IR Simulation is a great addition to an Introduction to International Relations Course and covers over 50 topics along with the essentials of International Relations Online textbooks.

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The Statecraft IR Simulation is a great addition to an Introduction to International Relations Course and covers over 50 topics along with the essentials of International Relations Online textbooks.



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The Statecraft IR Simulation is a great addition to an Introduction to International Relations Course and covers over 50 topics along with the essentials of International Relations Online textbooks.

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